"Ringo  thinks the world of you  I didn't notice the abrasion on her head  before we left, poor thing.  Thanks for letting me know, and for  treating the abrasion for me"      Stephanie T. in Daleville, AL 

  "Thanks for the pictures and texts.  We miss Molly.  Thanks for loving her like we do."        

 Beth V. in Enterprise, AL

  "Made it home and read your notes.  Thank you so much for taking good care of them. It's nice knowing my kitties get lots of lovins while I'm gone."           

Courtney D.  in Daleville, AL

  "Thanks for tube-feeding Savannah [cat].  I know its a lot of work.  When I came home, she was in much better shape."  

Sherry S. in Ozark, AL

  "Thank you for building Carter a fort during the bad storm.  It really helped him feel more secure.  We will make sure he has one from now on." 

Mandy W. in Enterprise, AL

 "Starr, our horse, thanks you for the carrots and apples." 

 Nikki R. in Slocomb, AL 


"Thank you for the video [sent to his phone].  Lucky is super cute.  I can't thank you enough, also for the pictures and texts. " 

                 Pete D. in Daleville, AL

"Thank you for the poem and pictures of Eli and Envy dressed up for our wedding. How in the world did you get them to sit still to take a picture?" 

  Tara J. in Enterprise, AL                                                                                       

  "I think Brutus likes you more than us."

   Eric R. in Enterprise, AL

 "You took great care of our horses, dogs, and cat" 

 Craig C. in Ozark AL 

 "I just read your notes, I always love to do that when I get home.  You nail their personalities." 

  Kim B. in Ozark, AL 

  "I told the girls you were coming.  They started dancing around and howled.  I think they are excited."  

   Marielle  C. in Enterprise, AL

 "I  can tell you love seeing them.  I appreciate your care and attention so  much!"            

   Vicky H. in Daleville, AL 

 You're the Best.  Rascal kept looking at the door, waiting for you to come back" 

 Lisa K. in Enterprise, AL 

 "Love  the notes!  They were happy to see us, but Dassie kept going to the  door, waiting for you."  

 Trudy G. 

 "WOW! Sounds like she is being spoiled"  

Dana B. in Enterprise 

 "Thank you for the meditation and exercise program for Sophie.  She no longer chases her tail." 

 Kara M. in Enterprise, AL 

 "We love and appreciate you ladies" 

 Angela W. in Daleville, AL 

  "Thanks for taking care of Jet."   Jason R. in Enterprise, AL

 "Ha-ha,  they wouldn't let you leave.  When we got home, they looked past us to  see if you were there too.  They kept looking at the door for you"                        

   Amber A. in Enterprise, AL  

 "Thank  you for the wonderful work you do .  I appreciate you giving Maggie  therapeutic massages, and teaching me how to do them as well.  She is  walking so much better now."  Jim H. in Dothan, AL 

 "Everyone and everything looked great when  I got home.  I can always be assured that they are well cared for when I am gone."

 Colleen H. in Enterprise, AL  

 "We had a wonderful stress free vacation due to your wonderful pet and home care" 

Jan & Jim W. in Enterprise, AL 

 "When  I got home, I took Rex to the vet, as you suggested.  I also brought  your notes to the vet.  With these he was able to make a quick diagnosis  of Kidney Failure from the symptoms you described.  Thanks for the  wonderful care and attention to  detail" 

 Christi I. in Ozark, AL 

  "I appreciate all the time you took to get Chloe, my scared cat, to come out for lovins.  She hides from everybody."

 Robyn K. in Enterprise, AL

 "Thanks for calling me and stabilizing Bobbie 'till I got home.  I was able to say goodbye to her"  

Jess S. in Enterprise, AL    

 "I  was amazed at your service.  My home was clean, trash brought down, and  mail stacked neatly on the counter.  Most of all, my Molly did not lose  weight!  She never eats when I go on trips.  Thank you so much!  I  can't believe you bought food and cooked for her." 

Jen C. in Enterprise, AL 

 "You  helped our dog, Baxter, so much with his grieving process after he lost  his Partner.  He wasn't eating or sleeping, we tried everything.  Then  you came over.  As soon as you left, he came and ate.  After a week of  the meditation and grief counseling you gave him,   he is back to his  old self  ." 

 Nancy B. in Ft Rucker, AL 

 "Thank you for taking SUCH great care of our fur-kids"  

Nick C. in Enterprise, AL 

  "Thanks  for taking Ellie to the vet after hours.  You caught the Hemorrhagic   Colitis early.  They gave her IV fluids, antibiotics and anti-nausea  medicine.
 Ellie is showing  great  improvement and I can pick her up in the morning.  Thanks for taking  care of my fur-babies"   

Cue M. in Daleville, AL

  "Thanks  for letting Huey and Faith out, feeding, play and all the other stuff  you do with them to make it fun while we're away."          

  Claudia G. in Daleville, AL

  "We  saw the Critter Sitter ad in the local paper, and decided to set up a  meeting.  From the moment these ladies walked in, we knew we had found  something special.  They are professional, affordable, and enthusiastic  about their work.  To say they know how to interact with animals is an  understatement.  We have used their services many times now, and are  grateful for the peace of mind they provide.  My pups love them and  yours will, too."      

Sandra L. in Ft. Rucker, AL

 "Thanks  for noticing Dubya's ear mites, taking him to the vet and  instilling the eardrops.  You girls really go above and beyond, esp. on a  busy holiday."                 

  Karin Y. in Enterprise, AL 

  "Thank you guys for watching Audie.  I have never seen anyone do what you guys have done.  You gals have something great going for you and the community. We're lucky to have a sitter as great as you two are."  Heather G. in Enterprise, AL

"You are the BEST kept secret in the Wiregrass" Kathy R. SkiPPerville, AL

 "Thank  you for all you have done for our little family.  We think you really  helped brighten their holidays.  Also, I really appreciate you keeping  in touch with texts and pictures, and writing notes.  It sure shows the  love you have for animals.  People like you make the world a better  place!"     

    Mary W. in Enterprise, AL 

 "Our horses, chickens, dogs and cats love you.  

Carry D. in Newton, AL 

 " We have used Critter Sitter in Enterprise for years , and they are  the BEST !!  One of our dogs literally doesn't like anyone, but LOVES the Critter Sitters ! They are the best animal whisperers around ! They always send pics and stay in contact. They genuinely love all the animals ! We had to put one our babies down and they made it a point to come say bye before. Seriously , the best solution to having to leave your fur babies behind !!


  "Thanks for taking care of my goats"  

Dean K. in Wicksburg,  AL

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