Our  pets should be allowed to go anywhere with us, but this is often  not the reality of the situation, nor is it practical. So  you may have to leave your babies behind when you go on vacation.  Then  you must decide where they must stay:  at home, in a kennel to be  boarded, to a friend/relative's house, or stay at home.  We, of course,  believe that keeping your pet in their own environment is least  stressful to them and hiring a good pet sitter, like Critter Sitter, is  the way to go.  With any of these options, you'll have to make  preparation.  The following preparation suggestions focus on the choice  of hiring a pet sitter, so your babies can stay in their own home,  in their own environment and their regular routine. 



 Schedule  an initial consultation about one - two weeks prior to departure to  establish your pet's needs and contact information with us.  Be sure to  mention unusual conditions such as leaving toilet lids down due to  Fluffy's obsession with jumping in and taking a swim. 


 Before  leaving your pet be sure you have left enough supplies like food,  treats, cat litter, toys, kongs, and cleaning products. Secure the yard  for pets that will be going outside taking care that gates are closed or  locked. In some areas it is unlawful to use a tether whether chain,  cable, or rope as a secure enclosure for a pet, so check laws in your  area before you leave. Inform your vet, emergency contacts, and alarm  company that a pet sitter will care for your pets while you are out of  town and give them our names. 


 Put  collars and  ID tags on your pet if they don't normally wear them when  you are in town. Check around the house for dangers that your pet could  get into while you are gone such as choking hazards, cleaning products,  or toxic plants. It's safer to put as many things away as possible while  you are gone. Let us (Critter Sitter) know if your pet has special  needs during storms or fireworks. Be sure to let us know any special  instructions you might have if these situations were to occur. If it  will be dark during our first visit, please leave outside lighting on  for us. For added convenience and security for you and us, leave timers  on your lights. 


 We  will confirm with you that you made it home safe, by having you either  call or text us.  In an emergency, an accident, or due to travel delay,  if we haven't been able to reach you or haven't received a call or email  from you, we will be prepared to make the next regularly scheduled  visit to your pet.  Remember to text or call us to let us know you've  arrived home, so you do not incur a visit fee.